Ricco Events Management

Our History

Welcome to RICCO EVENTS MANAGEMENT, your number one source for Event Management, Marketing & Advertising (Online Promotion or Street Distribution) and Other Services. We're dedicated to giving you the very best services and more, with a focus on three characteristics, ie: dependability, customer experience and uniqueness.

History behind the brand

Founded in 2011 under the name Ricco Nemsicky where he first launched a social media networking group called RICCOWORLD ‘During this time’ he decided to join a team called House Party Nites Birmingham (who specialise in 90’s RnB music) creating promotional videos, advertising events, flyer distributions and been a ticket seller.

Ricco then went on to start and build a sports team called R STARZ who played other promotion teams in Birmingham U.K. area (TEAM SWEAT( now known as THE ONE), TEAM REMINISCE & GOODNIGHTSOUT in sports events and hosting after parties.

During this time he decided to join three different events teams in the West Midlands called HouseParty Nites Birmingham (who specialise in 90’s RnB music) , Reedbassmusic (who specialise in LIVE MUSIC) and Andresoulnet (who specialise in showcasing local talent and sociable games nights events) creating promotional videos, advertising events, flyer distributions and been a ticket seller.

In 2012 launched a brand new club night event called Nova Nights under the name of RICCO IN THE CITY building online presence with a wide audience within the UK and USA.

Since then various event / business brands recognises how quick the following building and started to enquire about supporting other events in Birmingham and London with online promotional work. In 2015 met a comedian named Thanyia Moore who was hosting a comedy show and she wanted to start hosting her own shows called Moore Laughter in Birmingham. With this opportunity to branch out and target a new market and build a bigger better network he was in charge of the marketing and advertising for the event which involved shop drops, posterings, flyering events and social media promotion. After successful events in this field and other areas i.e weddings and other special occasions.

In 2016 RICCO EVENTS MANAGEMENT was created, however officially launched in March 2017 with a clothing label offering a wider range of services such as Photography, Videography, Host for Events, DJ hire , Food Catering, Celebration cakes / cupcakes. Also during this year we had a new opportunity to branch out again into a new area within the theatre industry which generated a new clientele.

By 2018/19 RICCO EVENTS MANAGEMENT was moving in the right direction and expanding into new areas such as door to door Distribution, promotion for independent businesses i.e Insurance companies and local clothing stores.

In 2020 during lockdown we launched out sister company Just Ricco Tix www.justriccotix.co.uk whereby we can sell tickets for your events / Virtual events. Also teamed up with two of our family businesses D's Divine Cakes www.ddivnecakes.co.uk and Dane's Catering www.danescatering.co.uk

Mission for the brand

Our Mission is to be the main outlet and build a network for everyone to grow together which will raise standards within this industry by providing the best customer experience helping your event or business reach its goal. We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.